Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving truck, WTF*?

Moving Saturday was successful, as most moves are. My things are no longer in my former home and are now split between self-storage and my temporary digs at my parents' place. I'm a bit more established here now- I have my TV and PS3 in my room, and an actual dresser! It's the little things, but seeing as I need to pay off some things before moving on it's good to have some stuff here that makes it more comfortable.

So Saturday started out entertaining. I had reserved a Budget truck from a location right next to a Public Storage facility (which has a big sign on the side advertising TRUCK RENTAL). It seemed convenient and Tim and I got there right at 9, as scheduled. The place didn't open until 10. Weird. Checked my phone and the address listed was not that of the storage facility. Hmmmmm. Remapped and drove towards the correct address...a block away. That's when we spotted the Budget Truck Rental sign up on a pole. Aha! 45 seconds later we're sitting in the parking lot of an obviously closed shop. Huh. Checked the email confirmation again and called the listed number. The girl helpfully told me they were located "at I-70 and Harlan." OK, we're there. More specific? "Oh, we're in the Phillips 66." That's the gas station across the street, directly in between the Budget Truck Rental-labeled place and the "TRUCK RENTAL"-advertising place. Crack much? Turns out they'd picked up the franchise when the other places had quit doing it and the other signs just hadn't come down yet. The truck was rented with one last snag- no ramp on 10' budget trucks. Grrrr. But we made it work.

The rest of the move went about as expected. Steph and the kids helped haul stuff up from the basement and I'm almost completely out, except for the dining room table Steph's "storing" until I get my new place and a bookshelf we ran out of room for. Sunday on my 1st day officially out of the house Mr. K asked me to come over and play Risk with him. So I spent all day in the old house anyway, playing with the kids and taking Obi for a walk. Funny how these things work.

*WTF was defined in a video game I played recently as "Where To Find," meaning you clicked the WTF link to get to the help section. I'm going with that. The title of the post certainly does not rhyme.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to move

A long time ago, I wrote this. Tomorrow I officially move all of my stuff out of that house. Yuck.

In other news...I'm going to Boston in a few weeks for a meeting. I've been there exactly once before, when I took a train from Denver to Boston w/ my family (mom, dad, and Tim) then drove to my sister's graduation from the College of the Atlantic in Maine. The train ride was long and exhausting. It also happened to be on my 19th birthday and my brother brought my present along, giving me Garbage Version 2.0 somewhere between here and there. It was my 1st non-radio exposure to Garbage and Tim was's an excellent CD. (This was a year after I failed to be given The Smashing Pumpkins' Adore for my 18th bday *ahem* but that's another story.) My only memory of Boston itself is getting there after a hellaciously long train ride, getting in a rental car, and driving out of the city with no food. I remember thinking I had never felt so hungry in my life, being exhausted from the train ride, and desperately, frantically wanting something to eat. Funny the things that stick.

This time is a meeting though, and it couldn't come at a better time. Jennifer and Paul are in Rhode Island just an hour away, so I'm going to spend the weekend with them after the meeting is over on Friday. The divorce will be final on April 22 and I'll get to spend the weekend before that with friends I haven't seen in awhile. That'll be good.

In other other news...awhile back I created a hotmail account for the sole purpose of craigslisting. (I bought my PS3 on craigslist, not a prostitute, for those keeping score at home...) My gmail uses my actual name, so I made up a throwaway hotmail account that I programmed into my iPhone as an alternate means of anonymous communication. In the last few weeks the spambots have discovered me. How the hell does that happen? I've sent maybe 4 emails from that address, all to actual people, and I'm getting spam. Grrrr. I'd forgotten how much I love the gmail spam filters.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've been a responsible adult way too ebay account is 11 years old.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Funeral time

Just over a week ago my great-grandma passed away. Mom-mo Lynn, as we called her, was 96 and had what Eddie Izzard refers to as the Life Force: "I'm a Gran, I live forever!" It was a bit sudden, since we hadn't known she was sick at all, and we weren't really prepared for it.

Once details emerged, we found out she *had* been sick, but my Aunt hadn't deemed it necessary to tell anyone else. She'd been in the hospital, had apparently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer days earlier, and didn't have much chance of making it. At the end though she died at home, in her own bed, and never stopped selling Avon. She had a good run and was an awesome little old lady. She'll be missed.

Of course with death comes a funeral and we got back last night from attending. My mom's whole family was together for the 1st time in ages...we figured 10 years or so. Tod, Alex, and Amber (Tod's fiance) flew to Denver from Seattle, and my sister flew in from NY so we could all caravan from Denver to Hutchinson. Terri's family all made the trip down from KC too so I saw all of my cousins. They've all grown up over the last 10 years! Weird.

The drive across Kansas hasn't changed a bit in all the years I've been doing it. Hays is still there in the middle of it, and visiting is always a tad surreal. I've definitely made the transition to city dweller and the small towns just seem so...small I guess is the word for it :-P

Laundry now. Work has been insane lately and I guess I have to be ready for it tomorrow. Bah.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bonnaroo 2010- an early post

I'm going to Bonnaroo June 10-14. My time off was approved today and I should be able to buy my ticket this weekend.

I'm really going for one reason: The Flaming Lips are going to be there, performing Dark Side of the Moon with Stardeath and White Dwarf. It's going to be just like after my last major breakup...when Sarah ended it in August of 2006 I went to Las Angeles to spend New Year's Eve with the Lips and Gnarles Barkley. That was an excellent experience and I think another such trip is in order. The divorce will be final by then and I'll be turning 30 just before seems like a perfect opportunity for a getaway. Also Jay-Z, Norah Jones, and a whole bunch of other fun people are playing. So if anyone reading this wants to head to Tennessee in June, let me know! I'm going, even if I'm alone out there, but it would be fun to travel with others. :-)

OK, back to Fallout 3. Where's vault 112 anyway?