Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flaming Lips in District 9

Unrelated concepts, yes. I saw District 9 this evening and can report that it is every bit as spectacular and intense as advertised. It's a movie with so many things going on and metaphors and social commentary and seamless special effects and "reality"-style camera work that it's hard to take in all at once. I suspect I'll see it again someday. Go see it though.

Tomorrow night is the Lips show at Red Rocks. Should be a great show as always. I'm excited. Once again the "no confetti" rule will be ignored in spectacular fashion and Wayne will talk a bit too much between songs. We know what to expect though! They may bring the UFO along...last show they told us they'd had it confiscated due to radioactivity issues w/ some of the pieces, but would bring it next time. I wonder if they remember promising us that.

The Broncos are down 27-13 currently and seem to have no viable QB. This might be a long season.