Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goings on

Wow, I've skipped 2 entire months this year. Is the blog dying? I don't know. It's odd that just a few posts ago I was still (legally) married. Craziness.

Now there's Hailey. The crypticness from the last update has a name and she is...we'll say awesome and leave it at that. We'll see where this goes, but we've already made plans for the holidays...I'm meeting her parents over Thanksgiving. In related news I am no longer looking for a house. See, that's what happens when I never update. Of course to update I need to be in front of a computer that's not at work and that hasn't happened much lately either.

Obi lives with me at my parents' house pretty much permanently now. He's getting walked daily, something Steph and the kids didn't have time for, and pretty happy about it. He's still sitting at 110 lbs, but hopefully getting in shape. He still looks big next to Hailey's 80 lb doggy Roxy. Almost 200 lbs of dog (plus 2 cats) is a lot for one house, but we manage when Obi's over there! Obi is learning about cats and so far he's really just curious. His body awareness is an issue when he steps on a cat tail, but we'll work on that. In the meantime he is serving as a goodwill ambassador for dogginess and I think he's convinced my parents that they need one when we move out.

Additional fun stuff in the future...The Smashing Pumpkins Sept 18, Muse Oct 2, then Gorillaz at Madison Square Garden Oct 8. Oh hell yeah.