Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shenanigans in the past week

Wow it's been a crazy 7 days.
Last Sunday my Uncle Tod made it to Denver for the 1st time in forever. He was always the favorite uncle growing up, so we were all looking forward to his visit. He brought my cousin who is a year older than Mr. K. They got along great and it was good to see them...except that Tod picked up Influenza A on the way down and ended up being a bit too miserable to enjoy himself. By Tuesday my cousin had been stricken as well so we had to stay away after that. Luckily Mr. K and the Bean didn't catch it somehow. Whew. They'd hung out with my cousin Sunday evening, all day Monday, and again Tuesday night and didn't get the bug. Kind of amazing, but we're happy for the small favor. Mostly I was bummed we didn't get to hang out more.

Wednesday was the final prep evening for the MyLifeLine event last night. We headed to Marcia's house and stuffed the gift bags w/ the rest of the crowd. We met Marcia's parents too; good folks. Thursday was the usual gymnastics, but it was bring-a-friend night and since my cousin had left town we did a last-minute invite and had to do a last-minute friend-invite and pickup. Friday we hung out w/ the Myers clan (Steph had drinks w/ Taryn, Jarrod and I hung out w/ the kids and the Wii), and then it was time for Saturday.

We knew yesterday was going to be a bit stressful. We had been helping a bit w/ planning the fundraiser for MyLifeLine when they asked us to share our story as the "featured speakers" for the evening. We agreed, but only because we believe so strongly in the organization. Public speaking is something I haven't done in years, and Steph was a tad apprehensive. We ended up spending almost all day yesterday tweaking the speech to get it just right and finalizing the powerpoint we were going to be using to show off the features of the site. We practiced as many times as we could manage and did a pretty damn good job of it at the actual event. (Video is forthcoming...right now it's trapped on Jarrod's video camera and we need to get cables to get it digitally shareable...) We got nothing but positive feedback (but then I guess people wouldn't say it to our faces if we sucked :-/ )

The event itself was quite nice. Both of our sets of parents went, along w/ Tim & Erin. They'd reserved a table for us right up front, which was nice. We got a couple things in the live auction too. Yay for carefully-directed tax deductions!

Today was regular weekend catchup stuff, and Steph and I both got runs in. I'm up to 1.5 miles or so without slowing to a walk. (At the local dog park that's the distance from the bridge to the pond off over a few hills.) It's not at all a level course, and it's good for me. Steph says I run well, so maybe I'll stick with it awhile and see how it goes. I don't know that I'll get up to her half-marathons, but maybe a 5-k? We'll see.

Bed now. Work 9 hours tomorrow, then immediately hop on a plane to Atlanta, where I stay until Wednesday. Oy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Recent goings-on

It's been a few weeks. Oops.

So the weekend before last a critter entered our home. This was brought to my attention when I was in the shower and heard Steph talking quite excitedly to Obi. I couldn't hear much, but it was the "come on doggy, let's play!" type voice. Then she started yelling for me. Hmmmm. I turned off the water and Steph yelled at me to GET DOWNSTAIRS! I did so as quickly as was decent given my previous state and found Steph standing on the stairs trying to redirect Obi from the couch to a basket in the corner. Some sort of creature had darted behind the basket and Obi was lost trying to find it. I found a box and a broom and went to my husbandly duties. One poke to the basket and a small furry thing ran right at me. I showed great braveness and jumped out of the way, while Obi snatched it up in his jaws and ran right outside with it. When Steph and I followed we found him in his dog run poking at a now-bloodied vole. I had to pull Obi off and put the poor little thing out of its misery. Poor guy just had to pick a house with a dog. I felt a little bad for him. But then we don't want to share our house with any furry thing that wanders in out of the cold.

The kids continue to do their thing...The Bean is growing up way too fast. She's getting really tall and it's scary. She has started coming home and relaying details of her day, along with the 4-year-old daycare gossip (who was mean to who, who was her best friend yesterday that she doesn't like any more, etc.) Mr. K has started to notice that people generally like him. It's a good realization for him to come to. He's an energetic kid and quite smart...the realization that people look up to him has helped him with the idea that he needs to set a good example for his friends. He's definitely going to be the ring-leader type. We'll just have to make sure he's steering his friends in the right direction.

In other news, the mylifeline annual soiree is coming up Feb 21. Steph and I have been helping a bit w/ the planning and we are slated to speak at the event...they wanted somebody to share their story and we were a convenient choice. If anybody reading this would be interested in attending, please RSVP at event code: mylifeline09 . Or if you just want to make a donation to a very worthy cause that helped us a ton through the cancer thing, there's an option for that as well at the same link.