Sunday, October 10, 2010

This bagel was made in New York City!

Posting from NYC. Currently waiting for Jennifer & Paul to get here from Rhode Island to hang out for the day, so I'm sitting in a bagel shop on Broadway killing time while Hailey is out at brunch with an old friend.

Once again this blog has been neglected in favor of things that involve not being at the computer as much. I'm reminded of what Lewis Black said: "If you're twittering about it, you're not actually doing it." The Doing of Things continues to fill my life. 

So I'm in NYC, saw the Gorillaz show (amazing), did lunch in Google HQ with Hailey's friend Suzanne (neat!), Brooklyn brunch and Botanical Gardens with my sister and Matthew yesterday (quite nice), and wandered the city with Hailey (adjectival modification would seem inadequate). We're staying in a hostel (Hostel Fresh) which requires a post all its own. Hope I don't forget to do that.

Off to explore more now. Jennifer & Paul will be here in 30 min, then meeting up with Hailey again in a couple hours. Life is good :-D