Sunday, July 29, 2007

stop and smell the blogs

Life is so eventful sometimes that despite my desire to remember it all and preserve experience in blog-form for posterity, the time to sit and type rarely presents itself.

Forthcoming blogs in the next week (I'm promising myself to get these finished!):
1- 3-day trip to San Francisco w/ Steph for Pumpkins and QT w/ Ms. Wonderful herself
2- Procurement of brand new Honda Accord
3- The dawn of a football season and fuck ESPN
4- HP #7. No spoilers will be found here, I promise. Now time to go finish. Got within 75 pages of the end on the plane today and I must be DONE!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Love in Whitetrashia

Last Friday I had to go get my teeth cleaned. I have 2 cavities, boo, whatever, but that's not where this post is going. Steph was there immediately after me having her teeth cleaned as well, so when I was finished I violated HIPAA all over the place and wandered over to say Hi. Ended up staying until she was done, and got to hear the hygienist telling Steph all about her hoped-for love-life.

She said she'd met her "future husband" the weekend before. He's a bassist for this band called Great White. chica, really? You mean the same Great White that killed 96 of their fans? I can't imagine going all gaga over someone even indirectly responsible for one of the most horrific cases of negligent manslaughter in recent memory.* She was so proud of the picture of the two of them together, told us she'd given him her number and she was a "total groupie," whatever that means. *shudder* Get some taste honey!

*I don't feel like looking up the outcome of the myriad lawsuits involved in the aftermath of that tragedy. The band was sued all over the damn place though. Something about maybe they shouldn't have set off pyrotechnics in a tiny, flammable dive bar...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Somewhere beyond Happiness

is Contentment.
This word has been floating around in my head for the last few days and I think it fits. For the first time in my adult life, I can honestly say I am truly content.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July

Small children + freedom 'splosions = good times.

The Thornton fireworks are 2 blocks from my new apartment. Should I want to go to bed early on the 4th of July this would suck royally. However should I be in the mood for, say, not being an idiot and going to watch the fireworks w/ Steph and the kids...then this works out well, no?! We got there way too early, but we were on a hill so the kids had plenty of entertainment in the form of throwing themselves down said hill in typical childhood-rolly fashion:
The proximity to my place came in handy when the clouds rolled in and the wind kicked up as it was finally getting dark. I ran home for another blanket and made it back in time for the whole show. I don't know that it was quite as good as Arvada's annual display, but we all had fun and that's what matters. The quote of the evening came from K1: "Wow, the grand finale is a huge golden shower!" Steph and I laughed quietly and didn't have to explain, thankfully.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

September concerts

This is getting September, at Red Rocks...

15- Monolith Festival, Day 2, headlined by The Flaming Lips
17- The Arcade Fire
18- Muse

Tickets on sale next Saturday for that last one, already have 'em to the other 3. Dear lord I'm excited. 4 of my favorite bands in the space of 15 days, all at the most beautiful venue on the planet. And 3 SP shows in one year! I beat that in 2000 between the in-store performance/signing at Tower records (Cherry Creek), Balsch Fieldhouse in Boulder, Summersault in Vancouver, and the United Center in Chicago Nov 29. Still though...fucking SP at Red Rocks. It's a Sunday and I will be there waaaaay too early for my own good. Teehee.


Last weekend I finally made it to the South-East corner of the state to the Durango area. Steph's parents live down there, along with her brother Jeff and his family. There's a new kid in that family that Steph hadn't met yet so a trip was overdue. We took the new CR-V that we got Steph a couple weeks ago and drove the 6 1/2 hours across the mountains with Arlo and the kids all in tow. It was a nice weekend...the drive was stressful at times, as 6 1/2 hours in an enclosed space with little bundles of energy will inevitably be, but another fun adventure w/ the family.

So Steph's parents live off the grid down there...they have a bunch of land with some horses, and we saw deer and tons of jackrabbits running around the property. It's fairly isolated, but they have all of the nifty new stuff that makes it quite livable. A huge solar panel array on a pole charges batteries than run everything in the house...Kathy (Steph's mom) said they'd run out of power only 3 times in the years they've had the system in place. They have high-speed internet via satellite, cell phones work out there and it's really comfy actually. Steph said the house was improving dramatically every time she went down of last weekend they had just installed beautiful hardwood flooring. Selected pics from the weekend-

Alpine Sliding at Purgatory
One of the more amusing discoveries of the weekend is that K1 LOVES cutting out weeds. There were sticker/pricker bushes (whatever you want to call them) all over the front of the house, so Steph bought him a trimmer and SpongeBob gloves and he spent HOURS hacking away at them. (The lack of clothing was his choice as well. Cooler that way. And I don't know what that is on his head here.)

Of course Photo Ops are necessary. Me and K2 on Gma's front porch:And finally, Gma Kathy w/ all the cousins: